Black Women’s Leadership Programme – Day 4

After our Blanchlands walk, this was followed up with a classroom based training lesson so we could complete some of our paperwork ; the Delegate Evidence Record.  Each participant throughout the training, has to up keep a record of their learning and development of skills, as well as plan and execute day walks and overnight expeditions.
It is daunting when you think about what being an expedition leader entails but when you are getting taught and introduced to new experiences by expert guides, such as Paul and John, from North East Guides, a proportion of the worries and concerns and fears are kept at bay.

Today saw us also gaining hands on practical skills with putting up a series of different tents and then trying them out for comfort and practicalities out on the trail. This was another good day of training as well as contributing to the growing confidence of the women and their capabilities. The next time we meet will be in July for our overnight expedition training. Before this comes around though, we each have to plan and organise our food and equipment for the trip as well as continue to practice our map and compass reading skills.

Jola had this to say about her weekend of training and new experiences: