Where’s our National Park?


I was excited to see an article in this weekend’s The Guardian about how our National Parks are back in fashion by Zoe Williams. What with the easing of lockdown rules, and the British population encouraged to get out more and further, the National Parks are being inundated with visitors.
Putting aside my reservations about the easing of lockdown and how the Government’s handling of the pandemic, I was disappointed by this opinion piece for just mentioning Northumberland National Park in passing in relation to red squirrels. And no hyperlink attached to the reference either while all the other parks mentioned have links attached.
To not mention that Northumberland National Park is the winner of the prestigious accolade of National Park of The Year in the BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards for 2020, is a major blind spot. This is the third year it has won this award, but no mention of this in Williams’ piece today.
I ask the question is this because Northumberland National Park is in the North and furthest away from London in relation to all the other parks? That it’s so out here on a limb, in the wilderness, that it’s unique charms and contribution to our nation’s wellbeing and health is being overlooked or forgotten?
The Peak District was mentioned as a favourite but there’s further life, cultural and natural heritage further North too, outside of the London orbit and it’s about time we receives the attention we deserve.