005 – An intimate conversation with Hiranya de Alwis Jayasinghe exploring nature and spirituality


Hey hey hey listeners
Good to see you back here coming to get your nature connection fix from The Earth Sea Love Podcast. The response to this fledgling podcast has been awesome and it is truly appreciated. Do we feel the pressure now that we know so many of you are listening? Hell no, well maybe a little.

Our stories are vital, our stories are relevant and our stories are going to keep on coming.
And on that note, we bring to you today another beauty of a conversation with Hiranya de Alwis Jayasinghe.
Hiranya and myself, met through the internet, so it seems all so fitting to meet again virtually to have this important conversation.

What you’ll hear us talking about in this episode is:
* Continuing talk about lockdown and how our relation to time has changed
* how to get creative with planting at home
* self-care practices to help us cope through difficult times
* adventuring in outdoors landscapes and how they come to bear on our internal landscapes
* Hiking in Wales
* Creativity and nature
* an exploration of religion and spirituality and what the difference might be
* creating women’s circles with nature at the core
* future plans to reconnect with nature once the lockdown is over.

Hiranya de Alwis Jayasinghe, living in London/Hertfordshire. Hiranya is a British Sri Lankan women with a lineage of farmers, gardeners and zoologists. She is best known for her 2018 hike around the Welsh coastline. Her love for nature is deeply imbued within her spirituality. Hiranya finds meaning within life’s cycles. She integrates this practical spirituality into her everyday life. She dreams of keeping chickens, herding cows and walking drover routes. Her vision is connecting women of colour with their own creativity, body and spirituality in nature.


Website: http://www.lifemovesincycles.com/blog