What’s in the pack?

A group of Black women qualified as Lowland Expedition Leaders in October 2019. Before we could get out walking with each other and leading groups, the pandemic hit in Spring 2020. We haven’t been out since. We haven’t had the opportunity to put our skills to the test.

Couple this with a long-standing fear and hesitation of walking the British landscape, there is some trepidation around starting to leave our homes and starting to lead groups out. There is going to be a period of learning the ropes again as well as building up our confidence.

We’re lucky to have trained with the best. Paul from North East Guides is willing and available to put us through our paces again. A reduced group of women, for a number of reasons one being one woman just given birth, will be walking out again over a weekend in May. Stretching our legs safely, and adhering to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, we are looking forward to seeing each other again a s enjoying our time walking together once more.