Our Black Women’s Leadership Programme is designed as an advanced level of entry within our natural heritage where opportunities are offered for Black, Asian and ethinic minority women to become environmental leaders.

Through bursaries, support and encouragement,  BAME women will receive training to develop new skills and confidence in order to become expedition leaders with the aim of enabling their own ethnic communities to visit and enjoy the countryside more extensively.

Working with North East Guides, one of our project partners, identity on tyne will provide a purposely organised Black Women’s Leadership Programme which will equip these individuals with the tools and skills to lead their own groups of people on expeditions within natural heritage.

The qualification received will be the Sports Leaders UK Level 3 Qualification in Lowland Expedition Leadership, a nationally recognised qualification that trains and qualifies teachers, youth workers and other members of the community to:
lead walking groups in lowland countryside, impart the knowledge and skills needed to undertake a day walk, have responsibility for the care of others and lead overnight base and mobile camps.

The group is already in sessions. We asked them a few questions before they started.

1. Tell us something about what you do for a living at the moment.
2. What is your relationship like with nature? Now, in the past?
3. Why are you getting involved with the Black Women’s Leadership Programme?
4. What do you hope to gain/ get out of the experience/ training?

5. Do you see yourself using this qualification in the future? How?

Meet the prospective Leaders.

Check out our practice expedition here.

Check out our assessment weekend here.