Our Leaders – Nazia

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I am currently working at the Angelou Centre as a Children’s Advocate and the VAWG admin.

I have always loved to explore the nature by walking through the park and identifying different types of things that surround us and making the world look more beautiful and full of lives.

The reason I would like to get involved with the Black Women’s Leadership Programme is to involve other communities and encourage them also to be involved and make the most of the nature around us. I would also like to run and support projects that involves working with nature and this could be organising trips such as walking in the countrysides, lakes and many other places.

I would like to gain more knowledge and skills during the training and also increase my self-confidence. I hope to make and meet new friends, share stories and experiences and be able to learn something new which can be used in our daily lives and be passed onto others.

I see myself using this qualification with young people and also single mums that I work with. I would be able to run creative workshops and projects and encourage others to see how beautiful nature makes the planet look and the memories they can create.