Our Leaders – Niveen



I am a researcher and an educator and have been involved in supporting the educational development of learners from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

I just love spending time in nature and taking walks by the coast whenever I can, it makes my heart dance and fills my soul with joy. I have always enjoyed getting lost in the spacious landscapes and its different elements. The harmonious co-existence between trees, plants and flowers of all different shapes and colours constantly reminds of nature’s abundance and the wonderful tapestry they create!

I am getting involved in this training for inspiration, education and to learn how to take part in leading other people to find their way and inspiration in the outdoor, and more importantly to be able to support people’s connection with their natural heritage and encourage them to become actively involved in protecting and preserving this precious heritage, especially at a time planet earth is facing numerous radical changes.

Foremost, I look forward to connect with new friends, build on my leadership skills and also to gain new key skills about being out in the lowlands.

I would like to use this qualification to lead more groups to explore their surrounding landscapes, organise creative workshops in nature, including photography sessions and camping. As an educator, I am sure the training will inform my teaching too.


After our day walk in Blanchland in June, Niveen had this to say about the experience:

So today’s highlight was the the amazing energy of the group and the ability to motivate one another. I would like to give a BIG shout out to Sheree and Hiranya for supporting me a lot today and for a very lovely and informative chat about various topics. The different types of the landscape were breathtaking and I just loved being out there and being one with nature and it’s different elements! Sadly my body was very heavy and weak today due to an unexpected health circumstances, and the walk was a bit too much for me ( but many thanks again to Sheree and Hiranya who kept me entertained and well looked after xx). Apart from that, I thourougly enjoyed the day.